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51 Staff

We at Speed51.com get a ton of emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking for some publicity for drivers, series and tracks.  Much of the news-worthy stuff ends up on one of our outlets.  Sometimes, we do take their advice and make them a feature story or do something cool to promote what they have going on.

Now, we want to step up our coverage and publicity for drivers throughout North America to continue bringing fans the most comprehensive short track racing coverage on the web.

To do that, we need your help for two new areas of Speed51.com.

We are in the process of building our "Speed51.com Racer Database."  We are asking for drivers (touring series, weekly tracks, you name it...if it's asphalt short track racing, we want you!) to fill out our quick form with their name, phone number and email address.  Private information (phone number/email address)
WILL NOT be published anywhere nor sold to outside sources.  It will remain confidential within the 51 office. 
What do we plan to do with that information?  Let's say we want to do a feature story on you, but we don't know how to get in touch with you.  Well, now we will.  Maybe you won a big race and your series or track doesn't send out press releases and you don't have a PR person?  How will you get the word out?  If we see that you've done something that we want to focus on with Speed51.com, we'll reach out to you for details for a story.  We want to do more in-depth stories with the personalities of short track racing.  The only way to do it is if we're able to talk to them. 

Also on the form below is a place for you to enter your Twitter handle and a link to your Facebook Fan Page.  If you don't have one or the other, that's fine, just fill out what you do have.  We plan to create a "Short Track Social Media" section on Speed51.com with links to as many short trackers' feeds as possible.  We want this to be the most comprehensive racing social media list there is.  Fans will then be able to go to that section on Speed51.com and start following you on Twitter and/or "Liking" you on Facebook.  Again, while the 51 Racer Database information (phone number and email address) will not be published on Speed51.com, the Social Media info will be.  Planned launch for this section is late Winter/early Spring.

Please take a minute to fill out this form and we'll use the information accordingly.  Thanks for your time and we look forward to interacting with you soon!






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