Top Speed Modified Tour Presented by Klotz 2012 Pre-Season News
All Events to Pay $1000 to Win and $200 to Start
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Officials of the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz have announced that all events during the 2012 racing season will pay at least $1000 to Win and $200 to Start. "With the help and support of great sponsors and dedicated tracks we are very pleased to say that we will continue to be the highest paying Modified Touring Series around" said Top Speed Modified Tour Co-Owner, Weo Schweyer. "Depending on sponsorship and car counts we hope to pay even more especially the start money" added Schweyer. The series will also be paying its drivers the night of the event from their brand new "Mobile Office" supplied by Custom Trailer Solutions with custom graphics by Manley Graphics and power generated by Tri State Line-X of Angola. "By paying our drivers the night of the event we hope to get those drivers that don't travel with us due to the fact of not getting paid until later in the week. The main goal is to build the series and in order to do this we need to build car count. This should be a big help in achieving that goal" stated Schweyer.

The Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz is also pleased to announce that they will continue the "Sweet 16 Race Format" that has become a staple of the series for many years. This format features the top 16 in qualifying being locked into the main event and the lineup being decided by a draw type system that has become a favorite to many teams. With this program the fast qualifier could start up front but with the support of Howe Racing Enterprises and the "Howe Chassis Challenge" the fast qualifier may elect to start in the 10th position for a chance to qualify for a brand new Howe Chassis. Something new for 2012 will be the introduction of double file restarts. Many local tracks are going to this type of restart in efforts to provide better entertainment for the fans. The Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz will implement the "Double File Choice Restart" which is a product of the television show "Madhouse". This will give the racers an opportunity to choose the lane they feel is best while others may decide to take advantage of the opportunity and move up several spots by selecting the other lane. This system has been used at some of the major Super Late Models events in the Midwest and will provide even more entertainment for the fans. In an attempt to keep up with the times the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz has also made it mandatory for all competitors to either have a "Raceceiver" communication system and/or a 2 way radio with spotter in order to compete in 2012. Many local tracks have made it mandatory already and it has proved to speed up their shows by allowing the drivers to hear the race director during race events and will assist in a getting the cars lined back up in a timely manner when under yellow or red flag conditions.

The series is currently in talks with several tracks to finalize their 2012 racing schedule which will prove to be another exciting year with a return to a couple tracks that haven't been on the schedule for a few years including Salem Speedway on May 19 and Anderson Speedway on June 23. Drivers will have a chance for bonus money and points as the "Michiana Showdown" will decide the "King of the Mods" when the series visits South Bend Speedway on Saturday June 9 and then the Kalamazoo Speedway on Wednesday June 13 as part of a brand new mid-week tradition for Kalamazoo Speedway. Berlin Raceway will host their annual event "The Rowdy" on Tuesday June 19 and the Top Speed Modifieds have been asked to assist in making this event a success. The series will return to Berlin Raceway on July 7 for a Top Speed Modiifed Tour points event. Sandusky Speedway is hosting one of their biggest events of the year July 26, 27 and 28 for the annual "Hy-Miler Weekend" and the Top Speed Modified Tour will be one of the many featured events on Saturday July 28. Sandusky will also be running their weekly modified division on July 27. In efforts to gain the interest of everyone, track officials at Sandusky Speedway along with Top Speed Modified officials are working together to make this a great event for everyone. "This event will be huge, not only for Sandusky Speedway but also for the series in 2012" noted Top Speed Modified Co-Owner, Wes Parrish. "Top Speed Modified rules will be enforced but we have teamed up with Sandusky Speedway to allow for their rules differences to be allowed for this event. In efforts to keep the series rules consistent and fair, only Top Speed Modified legal competitors will receive points for the event though" added Parrish. Winchester Speedway will once again be a highlight of the season as the series will race on the historic high banked oval three times including the season ending "Run for the Gun" Championship Night held during the Winchester 400 Weekend in October. For the first time ever the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz will head to northern Michigan and Onaway Speedway. This track brings in over 20 modifieds on a regular event and is looking to host one of the biggest modified events in northern Michigan on September 8 with the help of the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz.

With the all of the changes for the 2012 season including a title sponsor and now a presenting sponsor, the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz will bring back the Championship Banquet. With help from Rapid Race Cars and Hoosier Racing Tires the series will honor the Top 10 in Championship Points for the 2012 season and for the first time in several years will also award a Championship Point Fund. The series will honor the dedication of its racers and sponsors on Saturday December 1. Another exciting addition is the announcement of the Winchester Point Series that is in conjunction with the Season Championship Series. All events at Winchester will feature a separate points system with separate point fund to be awarded to the Top 5 at the 2012 Championship Banquet. Top Speed Modified owners are currently in talks with several potential sponsors to make the Winchester Points Series even better. Lincoln Electric has decided to return as the 2012 Rookie of the Year program and will award the 2012 Lincoln Electric Rookie of the Year Winner with a brand new welders at the 2012 Championship Banquet.

The 2012 season looks to be one of the best in recent history.  You can find out more by visiting the online home of the Top Speed Modified Tour presented by Klotz at

The 2012 season for the Top Speed Mods is shaping up to be a good one.  ( Photo)